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Greatest War Hero President

Prior to the Spanish-American War, Roosevelt was the assistant secretary of the Navy. Once war broke out, he resigned from his post and volunteered for command of the 1st U.S. Volunteer Cavalry, better known as the Rough Riders. Under his command, the Rough Riders charged up Kettle Hill, outside of Santiago, Cuba, and secured a victory.

Brandi Pitman

Shared on May 9, 2016

Presidents throughout the history of the United States have often come from a military background. Of the 44 men who have held office, 31 held a military position.
  • Five adjectives I would use to describe Theodore are:
    Fast, funny, selfless, strong, ambitious
  • What I have learned from Theodore:
    Rough riders will always prevail!
  • What I want Theodore to know:
    Your service and dedication to our Nation will never be forgotten.
  • Were the "Rough Riders" really tough?
    First volunteer infantry? I think YEAH!
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