65...oh my!

Happy Birthday to the person who sacrifices a lot every single day for everyone else. I hope we are all able to give you back a little of the love you show us every single day.

Taylor, you rock!

We all admire your inability to slow down and your compulsion to define what success looks like! From your double majors at Stanford (in 3.5 years) to your rockstar career in music, even at 65 you're the reliable “gets it done” colleague and the dependable “go to” friend. And, since your time is precious, we asked our closest friends and family to turn our best “Did you know” stories into a gift you can admire anywhere, anytime, & forever. Please enjoy.

Brandi Pitman

I idolize your success and wish I had half your energy! Cheers to your big birthday, and hopefully an early retirement so you can do more for yourself!

What are 5 adjectives you would use to describe Taylor?
Smart, driven, compassionate, extremely creative and well-respected

What are your funniest memories of Taylor?
Fundraising is a funny art! Remember that time I came to you complaining about the lack of PTO fundraising at Ireland's elementary and over the course of three glasses (errrr, bottles) of wine you had already raised $10k! Oh, oh, oh, or that time you were casting a music video parody for "All About that Bass" and we all dressed up as fish.

What have you learned from Taylor?
A pictures worth a few WTFs!

Jena Memory MC

Taylor and I met in junior high school in Mrs Mykrantz class. We were two peas in a pod and became instant friends.

What are 5 adjectives you would use to describe Taylor?
Ageless, Exceptional, Inspirational, Fit, Fabulous!

What are your funniest memories of Taylor?
Quite a few funny memories over the decades...but probably more funny ones from our earlier days. Remember when we had a headstand contest in the middle of Mrs. Mykrantz's home room class? Neither one of us wanted to lose so we just stayed on our heads what seemed like forever! I think you won cuz I she threatened to call the Principal and I chickened out. How about dissecting frogs in Science class? You made me do all the gross anatomy dissection. High school just escalated the fun and pranks. Then we went our separate ways to college but we never lost touch. You were my go-to-gal for all my life challenges - particularly my divorce. But, you made that even fun ... like the time we went out dancing and Karaoke-ing until 4am in Chicago.

What have you learned from Taylor?
Taylor, I've learned so much from you over the years. Your ability to always think practically but throw in a bit of fun. You were homecoming queen, a beauty queen, but more importantly, a beautiful soul. Always willing to help with PTA, neighborhood activities, etc. You've had a successful career but you never sacrificed your family or friends. I only hope that I was/am as great of a friend as you have been to me. You're my rock! Rock on, Taylor! You are in inspiration to many. Love you to the moon and back.