On september 3, 2023 tara will become mrs. john castlemen

The Story

Tara and John met in college, became fast friends and fell in love. What's next? Wedding... Marriage.... Babies?

Let's celebrate the happy couple. Share your stories...

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Jena Memory MC

Tara is the third daughter of beautiful Shelley, who took up heaven residency on 10.26.2012, and Jack Wolf. As one of her many friends, I know Shelley would be so proud of all that Tara has accomplished thus far in her life. And, of course, she would certainly approve of Tara's choice for a husband. Whether a friend, relative, or a "Shelley's Angel," let's celebrate Tara and this big milestone in her life by sharing our own personal stories about our Tara.

Where did you first meet Tara ?
St Louis.

What are 5 adjectives you would use to describe Tara ?
Beautiful, confident, articulate, intelligent, fit.

What are your favorite memories of Tara?
When I wanted to stay longer with your mom, I had you call the airline as me, and make up an excuse to get them to change my flight for free. When you and your date dressed up as Barbie and Ken.

How many children do you think Tara and John should have?