a special birthday shoutout to our favorite young-at-heart 60-year-old! here's to you, and how awesome you truly are!

WELCOME TO 60, SWEETHEART! can't wait to celebrate together!

The Story

cue the confetti (and kleenex)!

Birthdays signify a whole year of ups, downs, and some days we'd love to forget. But guess what? You made it! You're alive, and that's worth celebrating. This year, we teamed up to give you the ultimate birthday gift—our stories! We promise to keep it PG-13.

Brandi Pitman

As your oldest (and wisest) friend, I'll go first! Hazel, you are an awesome friend, mother, and grand-"hart"-mama. It sounds corny, but sometimes we all need to hear it from people that matter. I hope you feel the love from this screen and enjoy reading all the fun stories we've collected for you.

Where did you first meet Hazel?
We met in high school. Your locker was next to mine and I loved leaving notes in it. Like, that ransom note I once left for your pager ;). Those were the days...

What are your funniest memories of Hazel?
Remember that trip we took after graduating from high school? The one where we told our parents we were going to Hawaii, but decided to go to Asia after comparing the prices of both destinations. And after we landed the panic set in and we both stood in the streets laughing uncontrollably until we almost peed our pants. In that moment, we were both scared and full of adventure: like Vasco Da Gama busy exploring new routes. I hope we never stop adventuring.

What would you like Hazel to know?
I know this year has been difficult: big D, big birthday, new town, new city, no close friends. But we've always loved hearing a comeback story, and I think yours will be the best! Cheers to you, and to all that you do! Can't wait to celebrate in person once the dust settles.

Jena Memory MC

Hazel! Happy birthday to the 60 year old who looks 40.... and acts 20. LOL!

Where did you first meet Hazel?
I'll never forget when you moved to Springfield in 7th grade. I was assigned to be your friend. I have to say that initially I really didn't want to have that responsibility! But, after the first week of showing you the ropes, I knew we would be life-long friends.

What are your funniest memories of Hazel?
So many funny experiences with you over the years, but a few that make me giggle every time I think of them. Remember when....1) we played ding dong ditch on the Principal of Busse Elementary School? You tripped, face-planted and sprained ankle. 2) We made-up a cookie recipe - our "mixture cookies" - and served them in 8th grade? The teacher didn't think it so funny that we were feeding garlic salt+tumeric+paprika cookies to the students. You got sent to the Principal's office ... not sure why I didn't, do you recall? 3) On our ski gal pal trip to Vail, you fell in love with the ski instructor and disappeared for 3 days. 4) You accidentally farted at the annual work conference - SBD! - and you blamed it on me! 5) When you wanted blond highlights and we messed up the timing. Your hair turned white and we couldn't color it back because it was bleached! I remember your father looking at you funny... he finally realized why you looked differently. 6) Susan passed out and we wrote "fix me" on her foot and gave her a mustache on her face?

What would you like Hazel to know?
Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more fun times ahead. Thanks for being a bestie for soooo many years!