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Brandi Pitman

I'll go first.

How easy was it to use the Memory Collect platform on a scale of 1 (very difficult) to 10 (very easy)?

What comes to your mind when thinking about our website?
I didn't realize making a website would be so easy. I especially liked that we could choose a design that reflected her personal style and that we could format it on the fly without any technical knowledge.

Did your loved one enjoy the finished product (website/book)?
Yes! We will turn it into a book once that feature becomes available... Here's a link to her site: https://memorycollect.com/title-hazelhart

What other products/services did you consider before choosing us?
We looked at StoryWorth. We sent Hazel the questions, but she wasn't keeping up with them. So, we searched for a site that allowed our friends to do the heavy lifting to celebrate her (instead of her doing the heavy lifting herself).

How likely is it that you could recommend our website to a friend or colleague?
Absolutely! This was a GREAT alternative for Hazel who—since her divorce—is no longer on social media and likes to keep things private. And, I love that you can order a book – would make a great gift to keep our memories alive.