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We are the words we have forgotten...

Our Long Goodbye

When a loved one disappears due to Alzheimer’s Disease, how do you say goodbye? When do you say goodbye? When the woman who reared you, listened to you, guided you, fed you, held you, loved you and adored you is gone, how do you remember her? How will my children remember her? And, my grandchildren; great-grandchildren? Other family and friends? In many ways, I feel like I lost Mom a long time ago … but when the funeral arrived I was flooded with memories of better times. What are your favorite memories of Albina (Grandma Sealy)? How we live now, going forward, is part of her legacy. Please take a moment to share your story. To contribute, click on the CREATE ACCOUNT button at the top of this page. Then, click on the ADD/EDIT STORY button to participate.